Improv Comedy Classes

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"Improv for being a human."

Improv is about comedy, but it’s also about actively listening, being fully present, adapting to change, thinking on your feet, embodying empathy, and connecting with people. Whether in an improv class, or at a Functional Improv™ event, we bring this training to all aspects of your life through workshops, classes, coaching, and training.

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Team Building

Have a team with some new members, or maybe you are spread across the country? Get out of your chairs and on your feet while you build connections and bonds with your team members while learning and laughing.

Public Speaking / Presentations

When presenting to a group, we often feel that it's a one-way information blast. But you can learn how to actually collaborate with your audience in the moment to provide a better experience that's tailored exactly to their needs.


Improv is all about building one thing, or reaching one goal, as a singular ensemble. Let us help you work on removing roadblocks, changing your communication, and working better together with real-world exercises and examples.

Management Training

As leaders, managers have a special role in any business. Whether your goal is better meetings, more trust, or improved communication, we can help ensure everyone on your team is present, listening, and supportive.

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