Our Team

Natalie Shipman

Natalie has taught, coached, and performed improvisational theatre for 20 years. She trained in Chicago at The Second City, iO Chicago, and ComedySportz theatres, and performed and wrote sketch comedy as a Second City Touring Company cast member.

Since moving to Las Vegas, she has continued to write and perform comedy as well as co-found the Vegas Theatre Hub as an improv curriculum instructor and designer. She has taught and coached improv for the stage to hundreds of local students and applied improv to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Natalie believes that improvisation is not just for fun, though it is extremely fun. The lessons learned in improv can and should be applied to every area of life – business and social, personal and professional. It has shaped her life and work, and she looks forward to helping it transform yours!

Ryan Neufeld

Ryan co-founded a computer programming company way back in 1998 that’s still running strong here in the Las Vegas area. He’s managed small- and medium-sized teams, both remote and in person, and he’s gained first-hand experience in many of the ups and downs that companies and management face in today’s workplace.

Ryan found improv later in life, but immediately recognized its applications and lessons that could be utilized in the business world. He went through the complete improv program at the Vegas Theatre Hub and was chosen to perform as a member of the official house team. He then went to L.A. to continue his training at iO West and has since been brought on as a teacher and a coach here in the Las Vegas area.