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We currently offer virtual / online classes available to anyone in the world, wherever you are, hosted live from Las Vegas, NV. Are you not necessarily a performer, or are you new to improv? Our current offerings have been completely redesigned to take advantage of fun online capabilities. They focus a little less on the performance aspect, and a little more on personal growth and development. Read on to find out how our improv classes can benefit literally anyone!

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List of Upcoming Improv Classes

January 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is improv comedy?

Improv is the art form of performing, acting, or even speaking without a script. In theatre or comedy, it can refer to both the performance art itself, or the training tools and exercises that it encompasses.

What do you do in an improv class?

A typical improv class starts with a group introduction and check in. From there, you'll run through various exercises, games, and scenes, often followed by a discussion on what happened, and why.

What do you learn in an improv class?

You may end up learning almost anything! In general, you work on communication (including non-verbal), listening, empathy, trust, adaptability, how to say yes, how to fail, team work, and just how to be a better human.

Can you learn improv online?

Absolutely! While it is different than in-person classes, we've embraced the transition to virtual classes. You still have the same connections, opportunities to try new things, and to grow as a person.

What are the basic rules of improv?

There are no rules! But if you must...
  1. Say yes.
  2. Say yes, and.
  3. Fail, hard.
  4. Listen.
  5. React!
  6. Play!!

How do you get better at improv?

  1. Practice, a lot. Repetition helps!
  2. Fail, a lot. Learn to not fear failure.
  3. Make your partner look like a poet, artist, & genius.
  4. Learn about yourself as a performer, & as a person.
  5. Embrace everything - the good, the bad, and everything in between.
  6. Stop trying to get better! You are perfect.

Benefits of Taking an Improv Class

Make new friends

One of the best things about any group class is the friendships made. This is even more true with improv since we are actively communicating, being open, and vulnerable together.

Gain communication skills

“The techniques of the theater are the techniques of communicating.” ~ Viola Spolin. We will forever work on the essential soft skills together that are so important in life.

Practice being present

In today’s world, and even more so with how much of our lives are spent online these days, it’s difficult to remain focused and present. Practicing focus and being present is essential.

Expand your adaptability

Our brains are overloaded with too much information, let alone our anxieties and worries. Once we are present, we also work on being flexible in the moment with what’s in front of us.

Learn to listen actively

How often do you listen just to respond? It is freeing to be given the opportunity to listen for listening’s sake. Plus, it’s a great gift to support someone by truly hearing what they have to say.

Remember how to play

As adults, we often lose the ability to simply play and have fun. But it can have so many benefits to our overall health. And science shows that adults benefit from finding time to play!.

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