collaborate. - a 3-week improv class on listening and proacting
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Sep 19 2020


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



collaborate. – a 3-week improv class on listening and proacting

Listen. How often do you really hone in when you are talking with someone? Are you patiently waiting for your turn to speak? Or are you absorbing another human’s every word, voice lilt, and eye twitch?

As improvisers on stage, we train ourselves to listen, to react, to take everything so personally that even the simplest interaction bursts with significance. We use exercises, games, and scenic improvisation to practice those finely-tuned listening skills that make us oh-so-hilarious as improv comedians.

But while we are not all comedians, we are all humans looking for better ways to communicate with each other, especially now with interaction limited to faces on screens, voices behind masks, and our well-meaning but suddenly quirky quarantine partners.

This three-week class is a deep dive into listening, reacting, and truly communicating collaboratively with others. We use classic improv exercises and those with an in-these-unprecedented-times twist to challenge our ears, eyes, instincts, and beyond.

This session is the first of a three week series. They will build upon each other as well as stand alone, so feel free to jump in for three weeks only, or join us for all nine weeks of improv exploration!

This class is great for long time improvisers and beginners alike. We call our approach Functional Improv™, which means you walk away with practical life skills, as well as some jokes that will leave you giggling for years to come. Since it is three jam-packed weeks of content and ensemble work, please make sure you are able to make all three classes.

Hey. Thanks for listening.

Open to all levels, ages 18+
Classes held online via Zoom

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