create. - a 4-week online improv class on characters
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Oct 29 2020 - Nov 19 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



create. – a 4-week online improv class on characters

What a character! Was this said about you? Or about your boisterous sibling or jokey cubicle neighbor at your first office job? Character creation might be the first thing that leaps to mind when you hear “improv” or “theatre.” Or maybe it’s those aforementioned loud people. Either way, character is a crucial element to performance. But what if I told you to forget everything you ever knew about character? You know, like most of us did with our high school algebra.

Great news, the core of character creation is way more fun to learn! A character, whether it is fictional, or a spot-on impersonation of your Uncle Jerry, is simply a point of view. An improv character is a heightened version of the performer, or some aspect of their personality magnified. Onstage we use environmental and emotional information, as well as gifts from our ensemble to filter feelings and reactions into a new, three-dimensional human. Is it magic? Yes, but no. It’s improv!

In this class, we will use performance and communication exercises to distill your most realistic human qualities into unique points of view, creating people and paradigms you have never met before. And will Uncle Jerry finally be mastered for the next time we can actually gather in person for a family party? Bonus.

This four-week class is a deep-dive into a crucial piece of the improv puzzle that is also highly applicable to your everyday life. It is open to all skill levels. 18

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