emote. - a 3-week improv class on emotions and connections
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Oct 07 - 21 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



emote. – a 3-week improv class on emotions and connections

How does that feel? Does this question remind you of a therapist? Your mom? Maybe a time back when it was totally ok to go get a massage? It is a question we ask at the end of just about every improv scene or game in performance classes and rehearsals. Sure, you were saying words, having thoughts, holding onto your invisible coffee mug. But how were you feeling during all that other commotion?

Improvisers feel things. About everything. We react in emotion before a single clever phrase or silly gesture comes out. Onstage this helps drive the synergy between performers. If I can offer the gift of emotion to my scene partner, then this unwritten scene simply writes itself.

So how do emotions help or hurt you out in the real world? Especially right now, in this harsh world of sad, mad, glad, scared, relieved, worried, amused, confused…and that is all just scrolling through your phone before breakfast.

In this class, we will explore and heighten our ordinary human emotions in extraordinary ways. Through improv practice, we can experiment with our most vulnerable feelings in safe, fun, and often surprisingly hilarious ways.

This session is the second of a three week series. They will build upon each other as well as stand alone, so feel free to jump in for three weeks only, or join us for all nine weeks of improv exploration!

This class is great for long time improvisers and beginners alike. We call our approach Functional Improv, which means you walk away with practical life skills, and possibly some jokes that will leave you giggling for years to come. Since it is three jam-packed weeks of content and ensemble work, please make sure you are able to make all three classes.

We hope you feel good about it.

Open to all levels 18+
Classes held online via Zoom

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