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Vegas Improv Power


Vegas Improv Power


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Feb 28 2021


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



improve. – Online Improv Class for Self Improvement

Are you not a performer at heart? This online improv class was made for you. Or are you missing the connection of your old improv class? Join us on Sunday afternoons to reconnect and reinvest in the community with some improv exercises that remind us to be human in these difficult times. It’s improvisational theatre that’s not geared for the stage. Instead, it’s improv geared for everyday life.

If you’re not a fan of standing on stage and performing in a show or with a team, you’ll be right at home in this ongoing improv workshop. While it has its roots in improvisation for the theater and improv comedy, we change the dynamic and the conversation to focus more on self growth, dealing with everyday life issues, and learning more about ourselves.

Topics covered in a typical workshop could include many different themes: communication skills, active listening, empathy, knowing yourself, trusting others, failure, overthinking, anxiety, being a team player, trusting yourself, saying yes, reading a room and knowing where you fit, self improvement, and so much more. And of course, on top of working on ourselves, you’ll learn what many improvisers and theatre kids have known is the secret sauce in these types of group settings: the connection and vulnerability with others will help you feel less alone and more supported knowing you’re a part of something bigger.

As always, it’ll be hosted by Natalie Sullivan and Ryan Neufeld. We’ve missed you. We are excited to hear from you. Come with no expectations, and we hope you’ll leave feeling a little better than when you arrived.

Open to all levels 18+
Classes held online via Zoom

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